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Hearing Aid Hacking

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For high end users of hearing aids.

We're frustrated that we're behind the technology curve and pay huge dollars/pounds/euros for good hearing aids that are unaware of and incompatible with anything resembling recent advances in consumer audio tech.

We're willing to blaze our own path because no one will do it for us until they realize there is money in them thar hills.

Terms we use a lot:

HA: Hearing Aid(s)

Boot (also "FM Boot","FMB", or "Shoe"): a fairly inexpensive device which connects to the bottom connectors of a (BTE) digital hearing aid, allowing it to connect to a variety of useful accessories.

DAI: Direct Audio Input. A direct audio feed plugged directly into a hearing aid, usually via a boot.

EuroPlug: The connector most often found on DAI devices. The default userpic for this community is the Europlug pinout.

Hearing Aid styles-
CIC: Completely In the Canal
ITC: In the Canal
ITE: In the Ear
BTE: Behind the Ear (our personal favorite)

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