aussie_macgyver wrote in hearingaidhacks

Roger Pen Hack?

I have just started to use a Roger Pen and am loving it, I am wanting to use it more often, but would rather have less power output from the pen, or at least less EMF produced by it. Especially having it laying on my chest constantly. The Roger Focus receivers are great and only emit around 0.02 mW ... not much more than a sneeze... but the pen produces 25mW according to the specifications.  Seeing the connection between the pen is bidirectional I don't see how the pen needs to put out so much more power, and I would like to experiment with either reducing the power or just simply shielding part of the antenna with mesh to cut down on the radiated energy.  I am rather sensitive to mobile phones which are significantly higher in output, but if using this all the time I would like to limit the exposure to a minimum amount.  

Because of this I was wondering if anyone here knew how to open up a roger pen without killing it, or if there was a way to hack the firmware and modify the power setting in the pen.

For those of you who are skeptical of the effects of EMF, please humor me and turn a blind eye to your doubts for the moment. Many thanks :-) 

By the way, I have an engineering background, plenty of experience with electronics and have done some hex eprom hacking in my day.


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