rhlll (rhlll) wrote in hearingaidhacks,

Just got my new hearing aids

 After many months, the Foundation I approached for financial aid, finally answered. It turned out that lost my file, so the never processed it. I guess they choosed to losen up a bit on their usual rules, since I've been waiting for a long time, as they usually don't give help to people having less than a 35 decibels loss. So I finally had my new hearing aids last thursday. I was really happy, and I admit that they were long due.

The next morning, I arrived at my job, where one of my collegue was asking about the hearing aid, but didn't quite see them as he was expecting something bigger. I didn't say it to other people, so it came much later during the day until other noticed them. After I did show them to one of my collegue, she actually laughed noticing, it's weird I didn't say ''what!?'' yet that day. It's weird to hear so much noise around me, but I try keeping the aids on. At first, I had the impression it didn't make much difference while I was watching tv, but when I remove the subtitle, and compare with them on and off, I see an important difference. But well, they still need adjustments...

One thing that will look weird at first, is that I believe I have more trouble hearing some people I could hear before. They didn't increase the frequencies I could already hear kinda well, and it might be a problem to have a mold in my hear in this case. I was at the convenience store, and could hear very clearly the sound of the fridges, but the voice of the salesperson seemed to come from the back on the room, while the guy was standing in front of me.

I will be getting the Smartlink+ this thursday, but I tried the ComPilot this week. I don't know if mine is defective, but I hear a lot of noise when using it, especially when a female is talking (including my own voice). I wish it stayed connected when the sound from the bluetooth audio source goes off. Also, it's so long to change mode (I would deal better only with the color code) and the fact you don't hear external sound when the voice menu is speaking is a bit nuisible. Do you know if the settings could be altered?

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