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Newbie, Looking for first HA

Wishes to all Guru's of this community ...

Every since my ENT doctor asked me to go for a HA, sometime back in 2010, I have been looking for HA info over the internet. Today, I am lucky to find this group.

I am from Bangalore, India and in Mid 30's, Married with two kids. (Was) Leading a active life. Now a days, it becoming very tough to lead a day to day activities due to hearing loss. My latest test shows 40% - 50% loss. There is a humming sound or the sound of fly flying always in the Ear.

I have been to various hospitals & HA clinics and have got the tests done. The doctors advise is to go for HA. The audiologist in the private HA centers always recommend HA's above 1200+$ to 2200 $per ear -  which is total way out of Budget.

Bangalore has one HA clinic per manufacture (ReSound, Phonak, Seimens, Oticon, rexton, widex etc) except for panasonic who are yet to be seen in India.

I understand that I really do not fit into your your hearing-aid-hackers as of now as I still do not own any HA. But I intend to use the knowledge here to know more about after affect of buying & using HA. Thanks to you all in this forum.

I still have not closed on the brand or the type. I need a great help here. These new generation HA are complicated and confusing. Do not have clear understanding about them. Has anyone bought HA from 'www.audicus.com', how are their products? Are they recommended? found this website to be honest. There are lot of articles covering hearing loss including 'diabetes and hearing'

I would alos like to check with fellow HAH in Bangalore to get more understanding. From old post's I could find flycatcher27.
@flyCatcher27: If you are still around, can you please help me out.
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