metamel (metamel) wrote in hearingaidhacks,

Liveblogging my Hearing Aids II class

Howdy, Mel here again. I'm the engineering education PhD student with new Phonak Naida SPs and a background in electrical and computer engineering as well as open source hacking. And I'm liveblogging the Hearing Aids II class I'm taking this semester . Basically, this is The Class that audiology grad students at Purdue get about hearing aid technologies. I'm having a fantastic time.

Teaser preview: This week's lecture was an overview of historical trends and digital hearing aids, but there was also an interesting bit at the start where the professor talked about "what happened in hearing aid tech dev this summer" (short version: Apple patent, air-pressure controls let you switch modes by tapping your ear, lots of folks debating whether audiology can be outsourced to a remote clinician.)

If folks are particularly keen on the research literature out there, I can start also posting the citations for papers we come by; so far, Killion's 1979 PhD dissertation sounds... important, but not having read it yet I can't say why or what it's about, other than it answers (among other questions) why hearing-impaired listeners reject hearing aids.

Notes? Additions? Questions? It's a flood of data I'm just trying to keep up with at this point (it is also my first time with in-person CART, so that's taking a bit of adjusting-to) but if there is a way I can make this more useful to others in the hearing aid hacking sphere, I'd love to.
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