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Your voice heard!


Some of you might remember me, I posted several times about my project hackandhear.com and the talk I gave about hearing aids at a hacker conference in Berlin. 

Since I gave this talk, among others journalists and hearing aid vendors started to approach me. Seems that my talk raised quite some interested in and awareness of the problems of hearing-impaired.
Because I often get asked the same question "What are your wishes to the hearing aid industry", I wrote down a 10-point-wishlist. I chose these points because of my own experiences, but also what I learned from talking to other patients, audiologists and doctors.
I regularly point people to this wishlist and some things will get picked there:


I wanted to mention this here, because this might be a chance for you to also speak up and add your wishes / comments to the list. My blog has a comment function and I am happy about your opinions. This is a chance for us to tell the industry what sucks and the more we speak up, the more we might get heart. So, please have a look at my list and comment (positively as much critically) on the points.

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