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Made a call: Phonak Ambra Power

Thanks to everyone for their questions/comments/everything on my last (and first) post! Met with my audiologist today and we are going for the Phonak Ambra Power. (Widex is too expensive for Voc Rehab, sorry. Maybe in a decade when I can afford them myself? Or at least I hope I can afford them myself then...) I'm hoping for the M H2O (water/mud/dirt/dust/ADHD-engineer-resistant) case because I'm running Muddy Buddy in the fall (and tend to do that sort of crazy thing). We're doing iCom, the FM unit that plugs into iCom, and I asked her to throw in a DAI cable as well. (She's awesome, and came back at me with "sure, 2 foot or 5 foot?")

So, adventures from here:
  1. Getting hearing aids! (Voc Rehab, please please please approve these.) I'm hoping to get them before the end of the semester (April 25) or at least before the start of summer term (May 14).
  2. Aural rehab + speech therapy...
  3. ...for learning German pronunciation. I've been teaching myself how to read and write German (I am awful at speaking and listening for obvious reasons), and a grad student in the languages department here happens to be doing her dissertation on the pronunciation of German by German language-learners, so we're going to experiment with that in conjunction with speech therapy, probably.
  4. Taking a hearing aid tech class here (Purdue) in the fall -- the one the audiology students take to learn how to evaluate/choose/test hearing aids. Involves playing with DSP and funky lab test equipment. Will keep y'all posted.
  5. Taking a qualitative research methods class here in the summer along with some classmates who know me and my hearing pretty well. And CART. Lots of CART. I hear the class has tons of reading, so that's good; I figured it would be the easiest way for me to test out my HAs "in the wild" where I'm going to use it (academia) because I could have (almost) simultaneous text (CART) and new-audio (HAs) on a subject know pretty well where I have supportive friends (yay, classmates!) to help me if I totally miss everything. (I read super-fast and often trade my reading skills with classmates for "what did the lecturer say again?" support.)
There's a way longer post detailing this morass on my blog. But it is going to be one heck of an adventure. I'm excited. (Just remind me to remember this in a month or so when I'm clawing at my ears screaming "sounds don't make SENSE anymore!" in agonized frustration.)
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