Zulde Zuldemans (Zulde Zuldemans) wrote in hearingaidhacks,
Zulde Zuldemans
Zulde Zuldemans

Connecting Phonak Roger Pen to Bernafon Soundgate 3

Contrary to Oticon's Streamer the Soundgate 3 does not have a DAI Europort connector, only a stereo jack. This creates a problem with for me. Normally you would connect Phonak's Roger Pen to the Roger X and connect that to the bottom of your streamer. This means that I will have to make a connector female DAI 3-pin to stereo jack.

Does anyone have an idea what kind of problems I will run into? If I connect the outer pins to the stereo cable, should I give the center pin a voltage to power the Roger X connector? Should I put 330kOhm between the ground and the pin for attenuation or would that create the same problem as with Oticon: very low loudness?
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