killeenwizard (killeenwizard) wrote in hearingaidhacks,

Extra-loud bluetooth headsets for use with cellphones?

I used to use hearing aids when I was a kid, but after school I gave up on them because they were so annoying.  If it wasn't the snap-crackle-pop being amplified to the point of drowning out everything else, it was the earpieces filling up with wax within minutes.

I am able to use a cellphone when the volume is turned up.  I've been using HTC Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) phones lately.  Bluetooth headsets, though, are another matter; they're just barely too quiet for me to understand what is being said.

Does anyone have suggestions for bluetooth headsets that would produce noticeably louder volume than Plantronics bluetooth earpieces?  A Plantronics rep told me that their headsets have the same maximum volume.

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