jgirardi (jgirardi) wrote in hearingaidhacks,

Add a NeckLoop to an existing bluetooth headset

Hi all, I am new to this board.  I am hearing impaired since I was an infant where 2 BTE Widex P38 (severe/Profound loss in both ears).  I just recently been using a neckloop and find it very helpful.

I wanted to use a bluetooth neckloop with my cell phone, and I see there are a few available, but I saw one in particular that looks like it should be easy to make myself.  If you look at the Artone Blueetooth Loopset(http://artonecs.com/files/blunoflyer2.jpg), it looks like there should be an easy way to create this loop from any bluetooth headset.  I can find a normal bluetooth headset that looks like the one Artone sells for $30.  If I can figure out how to add the "loop" I can probably save about $100.  

Any suggestions on how to hook this up if I could open up a regular Bluetooth headset?  What I don't know is how I woudl create the inductive loop inside the headset?  Or is it just a mater of soldering 2 wires.

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